Report Datenbank php 7.x aufrufen Informationen Ausgabe von 1977 - 1990

No.1    Migration of Reflection-time Maps   May 1977, S.1-4
No.2    2-D Migration   May 1977, S.1-8
No.3    Areal Reflection Seismics   May 1977, S.1-8
No.4    SSP-11 - Seismic Data Processing System   May 1977, S.1-16
No.5    Synthetic Velocity Logs   May 1977, S.1-8
No.6    Attenuation of Multiples, Deconvolution   June 1977, S.1-8
No.7    Frequency Analysis   June 1977, S.1-4
No.8    Wavelet Processing   June 1978, S.1-4
No.9    Iterative Residual Static Corrections   July 1978, S.1-4
No.10  Real Amplitude Processing   June 1978, S.1-8
No.11  Meander Processing   June 1978, S.1-8
No.12  The Hydraulic Hammer - A New Tool in Seismic Prospecting   May 1978, S.1-4
No.13  Kavernenüberwachung mit dem ECHO-LOG und anderen Meßverfahren   May 1978, S.1-6
No.14  Determination and Presentation of Velocities derived from Seismic Data   June 1978, S.1-12
No.15  Array Processor System APS   June 1978, S.1-12
No.16  2-D Modelling   June 1978, S.1-8
No.17  Seismic Modules for Lithological Studies   June 1978, S.1-4
No.18  3-D Seismic Processing   May 1978, S.1-16
No.19  3-D Seismics   May 1979, S.1-12
No.20  TSR-Debubbling Technique   May 1980, S.1-4
No.21  Spectrum Filter   May 1980, S.1-4
No.22  Streamer Positioning for 3-D Processing   June 1980, S.1-4
No.23  In-Seam Seismic Techniques   Oct. 1980, S.1-8
No.24  IAMP - Interactive Modelling   Oct. 1980, S.1-8
No.25  Doppler Satellite Positioning on Land   May 1981, S.1-4
No.26  Computer Center Hannover   May 1981, S.1-8
No.27  Combisweep Techniques - Encoded Sweep Techniques   May 1981, S.1-8
No.28  TSR - Phase/Amplitude, Compensation Techniques   Sept. 1981, S.1-4
No.29  Modern Digital Filters   Sept. 1981, S.1-4
No.30  Static Correction Techniques   Sept. 1981, S.1-4
No.31  2-D/3-D Wave Equation Migration   Sept. 1981, S.1-8
No.32  3-D Offshore Seismics   Sept. 1981, S.1-8
No.33  Shear Wave Downhole Surveys   May 1982, S.1-8
No.34  Static Corrections for 3-D Surveys   Sept. 1982, S.1-4
No.35  3-D Onshore Seismics   Sept. 1982, S. 1-16
No.36  Highly Accurate Sea Gravity   Sept. 1982, S.1-8
No.37  Computer Center Hannover   June 1983, S.1-8
No.38  COMAI - Computer Aided 3-D Seismic Interpretation   Aug. 1983, S.1-8
No.39  GEOSYS + DATAPLAN, Combined Software Concept for Vector Computers   Aug 1983, S.1-8
No.40  Onshore Seismics/Energy Sources and Recording Systems   Aug. 1983, S.1-16
No.41  On-site Seismic Processing Center   Aug. 1983, S.1-4
No.42  Well Seismics - Survey and Processing   Aug. 1983, S.1-12
No.43  Streamer Positioning for 3-D Surveys   Aug. 1983, S.1-12
No.44  Sea Beam Postprocessing   Aug. 1984, S.1-4
No.45  COMSEIS - Computer-Aided Seismic Interpretation System   Nov. 1984, S.1- 6
No.46  Streamer Positioning and Coverage Control   Nov. 1984, S.1-20
No.47  Modern F-K Filters   May 1985, S.1-6
No.48  COMSEIS - Slice Interpretation Module   May 1985, S.1-6
No.49  COMSEIS - Mapping Module   Sept. 1985, S.1-8
No.50  3-D Land Seismic Data Acquisition   Sept. 1985, S.1-8
No.51  Depth Migration   Sept. 1985, S.1-4
No.52  Shearwave Surveys and Equipment   Sept. 1985, S.1-6
No.53  Seismic Stratigraphy   1986, S. 1-10
No.54  COMSEIS - Computer-Aided Seismic Interpretation System   1986, S. 1-12
No.55  Transition Zone Processing   1987, S. 1-8
No.56  COMSEIS - Matching Well Logs to Seismic Wiggles      1987, S. 1-6
No.57  Computer Center Hannover   1987, S. 1-8
No.58  COMputer-aided STATic Correction System   1987, S. 1-6
No.59  Advanced Residual Statics   1987, S. 1-6
No.60  Onshore Seismics-Equipment   1988, S. 1-24
No.61  Interpolation and Coherrency Filtering - Two Applications of Seismic Pattern Recognition   1988, S. 1-6
No.62  MicroMAX - and how to use it   1988, S. 1-8
No.63  One-Pass 3D depth migration   1988, S. 1-6
No.64  High-Frequency Borehole Radar - Using a Direction-Finding Antenna System   1988, S. 1-6
No.65  Dip Move Out   1989, S. 1-4
No.66  Recording and Processing of Two-Component Data. Using a Conventional P-Wave Source 1989, S.1-4
No.67  COMSEIS ® with Integrated SATTLEGGER Software 1989, S.1-8
No.68 1 D Optimized Interpolation Operators for Single Trace
dummyProcessing and 2 D, 3 D Interpolation of Seismic Data;1990, S.1-6